Research at CBU

The Computational Biology Unit (CBU) works at the intersection of computer science and biology.

It is one of the leading hubs of bioinformatics in Norway and performs highly interdisciplinary research spanning bioinformatics and computational biology. Its primary focus is on developing novel computational methods and apply these in the pursuit of fundamental biological questions.

Besides fundamental research CBU is also frequently involved in more applied collaborative projects with experimental groups that demand cutting-edge computational approaches.

Our research currently focuses on:

Gene Selection

RNA biology


Molecular modeling


Current groups

CBU is organized in traditional research groups where each principal investigator decides his or her own research program.

Barsnes Group

Bioinformatics for proteomics data analysis

We develop user-friendly bioinformatics resources that enable and empower researchers to analyze and share their own omics data.

Jonassen Group

Pattern discovery in molecular biology data

We develop and apply algorithms for the automatic discovery of patterns and regularities in molecular biology data.

Reuter Group

Molecular modelling of protein dynamics

We examine the dynamic properties that allow proteins to associate with cellular membranes, lipids or ligands, as well as the conservation of flexibility through evolution.

Valen Group

Integrated and functional omics

The Valen lab is dedicated to the study of gene regulation and RNA biology.

CBU Service Group

Group leader Kjell Petersen

Kjell Petersen is leading the CBU Service Group, and his main research interest is gene set and network based analysis approaches for omics data.

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