42 MNOK to young scientists at CBU

Three young group leaders at CBU have recently received large grants from the Bergen Research Foundation (BFS) and the Research Council of Norway (RCN), in total 42 MNOK.

Harald Barsnes has received a BFS grant to start his own research group at CBU, as well as a young researcher talent grant from the RCN FRIPRO program, on the project Obtaining novel biomedical knowledge from proteomics research. Read more about Harald’s research here.

Eivind Valen and Nathalie Reuter have previously received BFS grants to start their own research groups at CBU, and were both highly successful in the last FRIPRO call. Eivind Valen was awarded a young researcher talent grant on the project Micropeptides – searching for function in the dark matter of the genome (more about his research here), whereas Nathalie Reuter received a FRIMEDBIO grant on the project How do soluble proteins bind to biological membranes? (more about her research here). Read the full news article (in Norwegian) here. Photo: Colourbox