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CBU Service Group
Att: Kjell Petersen

DataBlokk, 5th Floor

Thormohlensgt 55
N-5008 Bergen

Kjell Petersen

+47 55 58 40 37

Group leader: Kjell.Petersen@cbu.uib.no

Bioinformatics support requests: contact@bioinfo.no

Technical support requests: services@cbu.uib.no

Bioinformatics support request

For a bioinformatics support request regarding a project you are working on, please use the helpdesk e-mail adress: contact@bioinfo.no.

That will reach a large group of bioinformaticians that will try to answer your request by e-mail, and if needed a local meeting can be organised.

Technical support for a CBU maintaned online service

Please adress requests to: services@cbu.uib.no