Digital Life and FRIPRO grants to Nathalie Reuter!

Christmas came early for the Reuter group this year. Last week, Nathalie Reuter was awarded two grants, one through the BIOTEK2021 programme, connected with Centre for Digital Life Norway, and one through the Research Council of Norway’s funding scheme for independent projects (FRIPRO).

In the Digital Life project entitled “Towards better computational approaches and responsible innovation strategies in early drug discovery-application to antibiotics and COPD”, the Reuter group and collaborators will develop computational approaches for early drug discovery of new antimicrobials and COPD treatment, and research on how to best bring our discoveries across the valley of death so that they reach the patients. Read more about this project and the other Digital Life projects awarded in this round here (unfortunately only in Norwegian).

In the FRIPRO/FriMedBio project, entitled: “Mapping Peripheral Protein-Membrane Interfaces for a Better Description of the Protein-Lipid Interactome”, the Reuter group will create a resource for protein-membrane interactions at the atomic level of details, using advanced molecular simulations and protein bioinformatics methods. Read more about the FRIPRO award here (unfortunately also only in Norwegian).