Together with departments at UiB, CBU offers bachelor-, master- and PhD programs in bioinformatics. CBU also coordinates NORBIS, the national bioinformatics research school and offers training in applied bioinformatics – including NeLS, the Norwegian e-infrastructure for Life Sciences.

Undergraduate Training

CBU and the Department of Informatics offer both a bachelor and master program in bioinformatics.

CBU and the Department of Informatics offer both a bachelor and master program in bioinformatics. Through these programs you will obtain solid competence in informatics including programming, algorithms, and machine learning, as well as basic knowledge within molecular biology and medicine. Follow the links to learn more about the structure and content of the programs.


A list of UiB courses taught by CBU researchers, with link to description

INF281  |  Basics of bioinformatics sequence analysis

INF283  |  Introduction to Machine Learning

INF285  |  Genomics and Transcriptomics

INF389  |  Selected Topics in Bioinformatics

MOL204  |  Applied Bioinformatics

MOL217  |  Applied Bioinformatics II

PhD Training

As a PhD at CBU you will be part of an inspiring international and interdisciplinary research environment, supervised by leading researchers in bioinformatics and computational biology.

CBU hosts the national research school in bioinformatics, biostatistics and systems biology (NORBIS). Through NORBIS, we offer national methods-oriented PhD courses in bioinformatics, biostatistics, and systems biology, as well as workshops, summer schools, an annual PhD conference, possibilities for international exchange – and excellent opportunities for networking.

CBU is also part of the local research school in Molecular and Computational Biology (MCB), which offers introductory research courses and training in transferrable skills.

Applied Bioinformatics Training

Through ELIXIR Norway, we offer training in bioinformatics data handling and analysis and in the use of NeLS (the Norwegian e-infrastructure for Life Sciences) and TSD (Services for secure data handling).


CBU organises a weekly seminar series where CBU staff and invited guest speakers present bioinformatics research. The seminars take place in the CBU seminar room Thursdays at 11am.

Upcoming Seminars