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Group Leader

Bergen, 10.11.2014. Professor i Informatikk ved UiB, Inge Jonassen. Foto: Eivind Senneset

Inge Jonassen

My field of research is bioinformatics – development and application of informatics methods for the analysis of molecular biology data. My interests include methods for the automatic discovery of patterns, data analysis, algorithms and machine learning applied on molecular biology data. The research in my group includes tight collaboration with experimental groups wihtin different fields of biological and medical research. I work with analysis of different types of data including DNA sequences (including genomes), protein sequences and structures, gene expression data, and data generated usiing high-throughput technologies, e.g., next-generation sequencing. My group is also engaged in development and applicationof methods for integration of data and tools within bioinformatics.

Post-docs / researchers / coordinators

Michael Dondrup (copyright Inge Jonassen)

Michael Dondrup



Konstantina Dimitrakopoulou

-Postdoctoral fellow-

Matus Kalas (copyright Inge Jonassen)

Matus Kalas

-Postdoctoral fellow-

Rune Kleppe (copyright UiB)

Rune Kleppe

-Senior Adviser-

Christine Stansberg (copyright Inge Jonassen)

Christine Stansberg

Node coordinator of ELIXIR Norway

Fatemeh Zamanzad Ghavidel (copyright Inge Jonassen)

Fatemeh Zamanzad Ghavidel

-Postdoctoral fellow-

Eileen Hanna (copyright Inge Jonassen)

Eileen Marie Hanna

-Postdoctoral fellow-

Julia Romanowska (copyright Julia Romanowska)

Julia Romanowska (with Rolv Terje Lie)

Currently, as a post-doc at the University of Bergen, I am analyzing genomic data with the use of statistical methods, and looking at possible risks for certain phenotypes associated with specific allele variations. I am involved in the development of the Haplin software, intented for this kind of analysis. The project is a joint collaboration between Prof. Rolv Terje Lie at IGS and Prof. Inge Jonassen at CBU, which aims at making the software more efficient and available to a larger scientific community, as well as including bioinformatics data into analysis.

Tomasz Stokowy (copyright Tomasz Stokowy)

Tomasz Stokowy (with Vidar Steen et al)

Currently works in Genomics Core Facility in Bergen. His research is focused on whole human genome analytics and interpretation. He is also involved in development of bioinformatics tools and molecular diagnostics of genetics related disorders.

PhD students


Yaxin Xue

-PhD Candidate-


Zhaoran Zhou

-PhD Candidate-

Bjørn Bredesen (copyright Inge Jonassen)

Bjørn Bredesen (with Marc Rehmsmeier and Leonie Ringrose)

I’m a PhD student of Marc Rehmsmeier and Leonie Ringrose, co-supervised by Inge Jonassen. Our research focuses on the development and application of machine learning methods for the study of cis-regulatory elements in DNA, with a focus on Polycomb/Trithorax Response Elements, a class of regulatory elements that maintain epigenetic memory.

Master students

Mary Gertrude Musana (copyright Inge Jonassen)

Mary Gertrude Musana

-Master Student-


Øystein Kjørsvik

-Master Student-



Phongphak Khongton



The Jonassen group is leading the following collaborative projects:

The Norwegian Bioinformatics Platform involving partners Eivind Hovig (UiO), Finn Drabløs (NTNU), Nils Peder Willassen (UiT), Dag Inge Våge (NMBU).

NORBIS – the national research school in bioinformatics, biostatistics, and systems biology.

We are taking part in a number of centres / projects, including:

CCBIO – Centre for Cancer Biomakers – lead by Lars Akslen


SLRC – Sea Lice Research Centre – lead by Frank Nilsen

Digital Life Norway – lead by Trygve Brautaseth


cCOD – lead by Anders Goksøyr