Joshi Group – Medical Genomics | Research

Research summary: Development of new computational tools for the exploration, integration and analysis of large-scale, genome-wide data, to understand mammalian gene control during development and disease, with potential long-term applications in developing alternative, gene-based therapies.


Research Expertise

Data analysis and integration of large-scale, genomic data.

Development of computational tools and resources to study epigenetic and transcription control.



  • MKODB – mammalian knock-out database
  • Myeloidome – an expression atlas of human myeloid cell types
  • Heat*seq – Heatmaps by integrating high-throughput sequencing data
  • TRES – Transcription control in embryonic stem cells
  • GSCA – Gene set control analysis
  • Pathicular – Identification of enriched paths in integrated networks
  • LeMoNe – Learning module networks
  • GaNesh – Gibbs sampler based clustering algorithm