Large scale data processing improves patient treatments

Personalized medicine is a promising approach to provide better and more efficient patient treatment for a wide range of diseases and the Computational Biology Unit (CBU) is heavily involved in this research. The head of CBU, prof. Inge Jonassen, was recently interviewed by the Mathematics and Science faculty about the future of CBU and the fields of bioinformatics and systems biology in Bergen. The full interview is in Norwegian and can be read here.

Biological and medical research generates a vast amount of data that requires complex analysis methods. This requires bioinformatics and systems biology approaches and is complex and interdisciplinary. Many researchers use model organisms like the common fruit fly or zebrafish to gain an understanding of how genes interact. To understand these systems, advanced analysis approaches and mathematical models are required and bioinformaticians at CBU are heavily involved in developing and utilizing such computational approaches. The CBU service group is set up to aid external research groups with developing and executing bioinformatical analyses.

To further expand and strengthen the bioinformatics and systems biology research community in Bergen, CBU has recruited five new group leaders linked with several different departments at UiB inlcuding Clinical science, Chemistry and Biological sciences.. In this way CBU groups will bridge various research fields, broadning the fundament and applications for the bioinformatics efforts in Bergen.

The boosting of CBU is supported by Bergen Forskningsstiftelse (BFS) in a joint effort with the University of Bergen and Helse Bergen totalling 225 MNOK over the next 10 years.