Open meeting about CRISPRsalmon: Should we be gene editing farmed salmon?

Is it socially and morally acceptable to use gene editing on salmon? Under what conditions should we choose to use this technology? These are sentral questions in research project CRISPsamlon. The project is lead by NTNU, together with GenØK, The Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board, and the Institute of Marine Research.

At this meeting, we will hear about what is available from research on gene editing of salmon in Norway today, and discuss the extent to which this technology can contribute to solving the challenges of the fish farming industry.

When: 27.10.2021

Where: BI Norwegian Business School, Kong Chr. Frederiks 60.3913 5, 5006  Bergen

Organizers: CRISPRsalmon-project, NTNU, GenØK, The Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board, Institute of Marine Research. NCE Seafood Innovation and UiB is co-hosting the meeting.

The event is free of charge, and open to anyone.

There will be served light food, starting at 16:30.

The meeting will be streamed:

The presentations will be held in Norwegian.



16.30 Light food 

17.00 Welcome /w. Chairman from The Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board

17.03 CRISPRsalmon-project 
Anne Ingeborg Myhr, Director at GenØK

17.15 Where is research at now?
Anna Wargelius, Head of research, Institute of Marine Research
Tone-Kari Knutsdatter Østbye, Senior Researcher, NOFIMA

17.40 Panel discussion

Monica Solberg, Vitenskapelig råd for lakseforvaltning and The Institute of Marine Research
Trude H. Nordli, Chief Advisor environment and health, Sjømat Norge

Sondre Eide, daglig leder, Eide Fjordbruk

17.55 Questions from the audience

18.05 Round off with The Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board




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