Services Overview

Research at CBU is based on computations, and often new research results include a new methodology or analysis approach.

To make these new approaches more accessible to the scientific community, we make these analysis tools available as software, online web applications or as part of e-infrastructure frameworks.

Selected CBU supported on-line tools and e-infrastructure:

ChopChop  |  Valen Group

WebNM@  |  Reuter Group

NeLS Data Management portal  |  CBU Service Group  |  CBU Service Group (same access control as NeLS portal above)

A more complete list of services and tools from ELIXIR Norway (coordinated by CBU) can be found here.

Training and workshops

On using tools, web applications and e-infrastructure

CBU staff contribute to hands-on courses and shorter workshops to assist researchers in developing needed data analysis skills for their Life Science research.

Often skills on a combination of stand alone tools, available on-line web applications and data resources, as well as computational e-infrastructure is required in the toolbox of a Life Science researcher, and this type of skills are generally not taught in standard university courses today.

The CBU Service Group

The service group at CBU is affiliated to the Norwegian node of ELIXIR, and provides bioinformatics services to Norwegian Life Science researchers

Services include bioinformatics consultancy/support, data analysis and management, scripting/programming, and online web tools.

Particularly within the fields of:

Molecular Biology




Services include:

Bioinformatics consultancy/support

Data analysis and management


Online web tools

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