Reuter Group | People


Nathalie Reuter

Professor, Department of Chemistry  

Group leader

Mahmoud Moqadam

Mahmoud Moqadam

Postdoctoral researcher

Peripheral membrane proteins, free energy calculations


Thibault Tubiana

Postdoctoral researcher

Peripheral membrane proteins, bioinformatics


Åsmund Kaupang

Postdoctoral researcher

Early drug discovery, organic chemistry, rational design, chronic inflammation, COPD, neutrophil serine proteases.


Fahimeh Khorsand

Postdoctoral researcher

Early drug discovery, enzyme assays, screening, chronic inflammation, COPD, neutrophil serine proteases.


Pierre Bédoucha

PhD student

Protein dynamics, normal mode analysis, tunnel flexibility


Emmanuel Moutoussamy

PhD student

Bacterial PI-PLCs, free energy calculations, single molecule experiments


Bojan Krtenic

PhD student

N-acetyl transferases, bioinformatics, sequence and structure analyses


Dandan Xue

Scientific software developer

Protein flexibility, WEBnma


Fengming Miao

Master student,  Bioinformatics, UiB

Peripheral proteins, machine learning


Andrea Papadiné Morovicz

PhD student joint with Aurélia Lewis (Lipid Function in the Nucleus in Health and Disease)


Florian Müller

Master student,  Bioinformatics, UiB

Peripheral proteins, machine learning


Abboud, Angèle – PhD student, graduated May 2018

Currently Data Scientist at WEBSTEP – Bergen

Bacle, Amélie – MSc student from U.Paris Diderot, Spring 2012

Currently Postdoc at Université de Poitiers – France

Broemstrup, Torben – PhD student, graduated Nov 2010

Currently IT Consultant at Bayer Business Services, Berlin, Germany

Chéron, Jean-Baptiste – MSc student from France, Spring 2014

Currently Software Developer, Nice, France

Deheuvels, Joakim – MSc student from France, Spring 2014

Currently Developer at Veolia, France

Fuglebakk, Edvin – PhD Student, graduated Apr 2013, postdoc 2013-2016

Currently Researcher at Institute of Marine Research, Bergen, Norway

Grauffel, Cédric – Postdoctoral, 2010 – 2013

Currently Postdoctoral associate at Academia Sinica, Taiwan, C.Lim’s group

Hajjar, Eric – Phd student, graduated Nov 2010

Currently Clinical Manager at Novartis Oncology, Basel, Suisse

Hollup, Siv – PhD student, graduated Apr 2010

Currently IT Consultant at Bouvet ASA, Bergen, Norway

Kjærner-Semb, Erik – MSc student, Summer 2013

Currently PhD student at Institute of Marine Research

Klonova, Olga – MSc student, 2016-2018

Narawane, Shailesh – Postdoctoral associate, 2011 – 2014

Currently Pharmacist at Boots Apotek, Bergen, Norway

Romanowska, Julia – guest PhD student, 2010

Currently Postdoctoral associate at University of Bergen, Norway

Schillinger, Anne-Sophie – Phd Student, graduated Nov 2014

Currently Business Developer at Bergen Technology Transfer Office

Skjærven, Lars – PhD Student, graduated Apr 2011

Currently Senior Consultant at WEBSTEP

Tiwari, Sandhya – Phd Student, graduated Feb.2015, postdoc until end of 2015

Currently Postdoctoral associate at Riken, Computational Structural Biology team, Japan

Tubiana, Thibault  – MSc project student, Spring 2013

Currently postdoctoral researcher, Institut de Recherches Servier, France

Venken, Tom – Postdoctoral associate, 2014-2015

Currently Researcher at Flemish Institute for Biotechnology, Leuwen, Belgium

External Collaborators

Annick Dejaegere, IGBMC, University of Strasbourg, France; Julian Echave, INIFTA, Argentina; Anne Gershenson, UMass-Amherst, Massachusetts, USA; Cedric Grauffel, Academica Sinica, Taiwan; Bengt Erik Haug, Department of Chemistry, UIB, Norway; Helwig Hauser, Department of Informatics, UIB, Norway; Konrad Hinsen, CNRS, Synchrotron Soleil, France; Vidar Remi Jensen, Department of Chemistry, UIB, Norway; Konrad Hinsen, CNRS & Synchroton Soleil, France;  Themis Lazaridis, CCNY, New York, USA; Ronen Marmorstein, UPenn, Pennsylvania, USA; Aurora Martinez, Department of Biomedicine, UIB, Norway; Mary F. Roberts, Boston College, Massachusetts, USA; Willie Taylor, The Francis Crick Institute, London, UK; Sarah Teichmann, Sanger Institute, Cambridge, UK; Joanna Trylska, University of Warsaw, Poland; Véronique Witko-Sarsat, INSERM, Paris, France; …