Reuter Group | Research

Peripheral membrane binding

We conduct computational and experimental studies of the membrane binding of peripheral membrane binders. Experiments are performed in the group or conducted by collaborators. In particular, we have earned insights into the binding of serine protease 3 (PR3), the human N-acetyl transferase Naa60 and a bacterial Phospholipase C.

Collective motions in proteins

We develop and apply computational methods for the characterisation and comparison of the collective motions of protein structures mostly through the use of elastic network models and normal mode analysis. We implemented and maintain the WEBnm@ server which offers many useful analyses of normal modes, and also allows for comparative analyses of aligned proteins through a user-friendly interface.

NSPs in Chronic Inflammation

During the last 10 years, we have uncovered key features on ligand recognition and structure-activity relationships of specific regulators of inflammation. The early work in the group has paved our current activity which focuses on the development of inhibitors with a diagnostic or therapeutic potential in chronic inflammatory diseases.

N-acetyl transferases

In collaboration with the group of Thomas Arnesen (University of Bergen), we use molecular modelling and molecular simulations to investigate specific aspect of the structure-dynamics-function relationship in N-terminal acetyl transferases.