Valen Group | Research

Gene regulation – The advent of high throughput techniques for studying translation in conjunction with transcription have opened up for studying gene regulation in an integrative manner. We combine high-throughput analysis of transcription (e.g. RNA-Seq, CAGE) and translation (ribosome profiling) to build models of regulation during early embryogenesis.

Non-coding RNAs and pervasive translation – In addition to elucidating translational regulation, ribosome profiling has also revealed that translation is a far more pervasive process than previously thought taking place over 5′ leaders, 3′ trailers and transcripts annotated as non-coding. In our lab we are investigating this phenomenon and which, if any, function it has.

Genome engineering – the development of the CRISPR/Cas9 system has in many ways revolutionized genome engineering. We develop tools to facilitate the process of designing optimal guide RNAs for targeting loci and analyzing the resulting cuts through high-throughput sequencing.

Ancient epigenetics – A “hobby” project in the lab. Together with Jakob Skou-Pedersen and Orlando Ludovic we created the first nucleosome map of an ancient genome.